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$0.0₅1922 2.11%

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Market Cap: $10,482,191
Volume (24h): $1,332,967
Total Supply: 5,453,933,076,049
DEX Liquidity: $1,293,328
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About MOG

Mog Coin ($MOG) is a decentralized community meme token on Base. The meme first popped up in 2016, gaining steam in 2021 through the acronym AMOG, which stands for 'Alpha Male of Group.' To 'Mog' means flexing your physical appeal or, more broadly, showing off your superiority, bruh. The token launched on Base in May 2023, swiftly securing its spot as a favorite meme on Coinbase's L2. Mog Coin's mascot, Joycat, is a combo of the laughing cat face emoji with red mogging snowboarder sunglasses — kinda like the ones worn by Saxsquatch.

Where Can I Buy MOG?

MOG can be exchanged on Uniswap.
Ledger Nano S Plus
Ledger Nano S Plus
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